Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mah-jor Shoe Porn...

Warning...These following image may cause a severe rush of blood to head, your arm may jerk towards your nearest bank card and you may end up accidentally clicking 'buy'. Please do not hold me personally accountable.

I cannot help how damn hot these shoes are...
Not sure I've ever called a shoe 'hot' but I feel strongly about this and have deemed the term necessary when referring to this particular shoe.

The shoe I'm declaring my undying love for is the Givenchy woven leather wedge. Mine for £945.

Here are my 10 reasons for loving them (if not apparent in the picture alone) are as follows:

1. They are wedged and I love nothing more than a wedge.
2. They have an incredible platform and I love nothing more than platform heels.
3. They are a melted milk chocolate/kind-of-but not-quite-darker-than-tan colour I love chocolate.
4. They are leather and I love leather.
5. The leather is woven to make it look tough I love tough.
6. They have an obnoxious buckle and I love buckles.
7. They have ankle support I love this because it'll help my Bambi ankle syndrome.
8. They will go with any item of clothing and I love shoe ease.
9. They will make my legs look nearly as long as my body and I like sculptured calves.
10. They are just super hot. You gotta love that.

I need them in my life right this second. No matter what I have to do to get them, I will get them....

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Planning for my Vay-Kay

In precisely 6 weeks time me, the new boyf and 6 others will be packing our suitcases for our Ibiza blitz up. We decided that it was now or never. We've been thinking about Ibiza for years but never booked it.

This year was different though. I got a new boyf who genuinely likes and gets on with my friends making it a helluva lot easier. It's also an old friends 24th birthday while we're out there so what better way to celebrate?

Obviously, planning for a holiday is difficult. You need pool clothes (we have a private villa dontcha know), beach clothes, casual day clothes, posh night clothes and party clothes. That's a lot of clothes. You also have to take into account the three other skinny minnies I'm going with which makes it even harder.

That's why, in my dream world, I'm shopping designer darhingggg....

This is my glam Ibiza pool chic look...when in Ibiza I feel you can clash any print...
First off I'd like to start with this Seventh Wonderland marbel swimsuit.

At £175 I'd class it as an investment swimsuit, but hell it looks hot.

I'd clearly need to be wearing these Christian Louboutin Cardena Tresse 140 suede and leather espadrille wedges, a steal at £395.
Being fair I'd need a little cover up for the midday sun...

It's got to be Pucci. Although I'll need a little longer than 6 weeks to save £3,125.

Finally, to stop the glare from the pool I'd invest in these Linda Farrow Luxe Round-frame acetate sunglasses. A bargain at a mere £305.

So, that's my dream pool-side look covered. What would your dream holiday outfit consist of?

Excuse me while I go and count my pennies....

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Saturday, 21 May 2011


There is no one quite like Beyoncé.

I had to share her latest vid for Run the World.

I love the different coloured chiffon throughout. Plus, the amount of designer garb she gets through is also impressive. Girl knows how to work it....

Friday, 20 May 2011

Miu Miu Just Got a New Face...

For me Miu Miu is that cool and quirky brand I always like to have a browse through and then guess the celebs that will wear certains items. Names that pop up for me are always Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst and Chloe Sevigny. The typical 'cool kid', if you will.

Enter Hailee Steinfield. The fresh-faced 14 year old actress taking the world by storm.

Hailee Steinfeld new face of Miu Miu
Hailee Steinfeld at the 2011 BAFTAs wearing Miu Miu © PA from

I think it was only a matter of time until she was announced as the face of A/W 2011. She has been spotted wearing a lot of Miu Miu at events recently.

What do you think? Was she the right choice?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Being Posh and Preggers....

Victoria Beckham is by far one of my favourite celebs. I love her. Say one bad word about her and I will defend her to death.

Take today, VB steps out in a leather trimmed dress looking more pregnant than she has ever publicly shown before, and she gets stick for it. I actually admire VB for the very reason that she's not constantly in fitted, restrictive clothes while pregnant. Everyone claims she's trying to cover up the bump and hates showing it off. So what? Isn't any mother aloud to feel different about their changing body? I know I would.

I'm not pregnant (let me just clear that up) but I have recently gained half a stone. I hate it. My clothes are tighter on my troublesome bottom half and I don't feel like me. My confidence has dipped so I'm currently surviving on a wardrobe of baggy clothes - of which I own plenty luckily.

I just don't get why this is firstly deemed as news, and secondly why she always gets given a hard time.

You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

In the Pink...

I got me some new trousers for work recently. Apart from my skinnies and a few pairs of harems I'm not really a trouser person. It's not that I don't want to be, I just struggle to find a pair that fit my huge bum, expanding thighs, incredibly long body and short legs. You'd honestly think I was asking too much.

While shopping, what I actually wanted to buy were more light summer dresses. But what I wanted and what I actually got were two completely different things, as per usual. I found some peachy/orange/pink hued high-waisted, tapered leg trousers. Don't they sound nice...

They are in fact amazing. They are slightly slouchy so work perfectly for those days when I'm feeling slightly bloated, they are also super thin so can and will be worn throughout the summer.

One of my favourite outfits is fast becoming the said trousers, Jasper Conran sandals, any tank top covered up by my massive Topshop shrug.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Date Night

I won't lie, by Friday evening I'm usually shattered from a hard week at work. All I want to do is get into my comfiest pjs and watch a film or two with the new boyf. This Friday night however, I was treated to a posh meal at Gaucho's by the said boyf. The ultimate in perfection.

This seemed like the perfect excuse to bust out the negligee-style dress I picked up in Sweden.

It's an off-white colour, made of silk, and hangs perfectly. It also has massive pockets, which I love.

I teemed it with a black waistcoat, black tights and black boots. I also slathered on a dark red lippy I swear by from Chanel.

The meal was perfect. Squid and chirizo for starters, steak, chirizo sweet potato chips and salad for main, and then some amazing kind of praline-almondy mousse with chocolate sauce for pudding. AMAZEBALLS.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


The fancy dress party of all parties came and went in a blur of Twiggy madness. All I can say to those of you who came on the journey with me, thank you.

It was tough, we had the dilemma of who to go as, the friend dressing up as the same icon, the dress saga. But I did it and I did it good.

 Me and the fash partner in crime. AKA Twiggy and Florence dontcha know....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Right Royal Fever....

A wedding day is something young girls around the world dream of from the age of 5 when they can pick up a crayon and draw a princess. I must admit that this has never been me, my parents are divorced, in fact no one in the family is still married, meaning I've never really sold into the whole marriage thing. It actually scares me a little.

But I have been OBSESSED with the Royal Wedding. I've read nearly every news story printed and online about the big day. If friends or work colleagues needed a wedding fact they'd come straight to me. I have memorised it all.

There were two things that were important to me about their big day. The dress and the cake. I can't say I was let down. Kate Middleton looked incredible and what made it even better (if it could be better than her wearing McQueen) was the fact that both her and Will's are so madly in love. I'm not a massive slushy romantic, quite the opposite, but when Kate stood next to Will in Westminster Abby and said to her, something along the lines of, 'you look so beautiful', I was off. Tears streamed down my face. Their cheeky little glimpses at each other said more than words ever could.

It's been emotional, it's been exhausting and now it's all over. What am I going to talk about now?

I spent the day with friends watching...being my patriotic self in red, white and blue...